Don’t Go Outside

After he recovered, Ed admitted that the whole thing was a bad idea. It started when he decided to watch the move “Halloween 3” at midnight with the windows open to the backyard. Ed hated horror movies. They were too scary. For some reason, on this night, he threw caution to the wind.

Five minutes into the movie Jason was on the prowl for his first victim. The music grew intense as Jason crept through the bushes, nearing a group of unsuspecting campers.

It was at this moment Ed heard rustling in the backyard. He looked through the window but couldn’t see anything. The music grew louder and louder. A camper narrowly avoided certain death.

Ed decided to investigate the rustling.

The back door creaked on it’s hinges as Ed snuck onto the deck. The rustling stopped. Ed’s breathing sounded like thunder. The sound resumed. Slowly, Ed reached for the only thing close enough to grab. It was a mop he set outside to dry.

Ed crept down the stairs of the deck and onto the lawn. Only then did he think about grabbing a flashlight. It was too late. He fumbled around in the dark.

Inside he heard screaming. Jason claimed his first victim.

Ed crouched. The noise came from the vegetable garden. He squinted. The saw movement among the green beans. What ever it was didn’t seem to notice him. Ed edged forward.


Ed swallowed hard. He paused and listened.

It was close.

Ed yelled and struck down with his mop. Something yelped. Ed swung again. Before he could make contact he was knocked backwards. His mop fell into the blackness.

Ed lost his senses. He struggled to his feet but fell again. There was a smell so intense it hurt. Ed crawled on all fours toward the garden. He came nose to nose with his adversary. A skunk.

It turned and lifted his tail, preparing for another assault. Ed rolled away as spray once again blinded his senses.

The skunk scampered away, leaving Ed writhing in the garden. He rolled in the grass back to the house. Tears poured from his eyes. He heard a trembling voice from the TV. “Don’t go outside.”

Ed leaned against the house. “Now you tell me.”


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