School Trip to the Thinks Gallery of Art

Stained glass at dawn

The Thinks Gallery of Art was the first field trip Ruby Ingval led as a teacher. Art was the true passion of Ruby’s life. She settled for teaching because of her insatiable need for food, clothing and shelter. Ruby quickly discovered that her fifth grade class of twenty-five students was more excited to be out of school than to be art connoisseurs.

“Class, look. Here’s a painting by Georges Brule. The greenish hue represents the longing of the artist for the simple country home of his youth,” explained Ruby.

“It just looks like smudge to me.”

“I think someone sneezed on the painting.”

“It’s impressionistic,” said Ruby.

“My little brother did that on the wall in the living room. My mom wasn’t very impressed.”

“Is an impressionist what they call someone who doesn’t know how to paint?”

“Ms. Ingval, Bobby told me he wants to go back and look at the pictures of the naked ladies again.”

A teary eyed Ruby walked to the curator who was nearby.

“Excuse me, do you have a tissue?” said Ruby.

“Yes, here,” said the curator.

“Thank-you. I weep for our future.”


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