A Self-Serving Random Act of Kindness


“What did these people order?”

“No worries, man. We’re in no hurry,” said Obery. “Just enjoy the day.”

Lee fumed. “If I knew the drive-thru was so slow I woulda gone inside.”

“You need to look on the bright side. Seize the opportunities.”

The car ahead pulled away from the pickup window.

“Finally,” said Lee.

He was greeted by a middle aged woman in the window. “Three twenty please,” she said.

Obery leaned over. “We’ll pay for the car behind, too.”

“What are you doing?” said Lee.

“Opportunities are a knockin’, man. Just performing a random act of kindness.”

“Okay, that makes your total eight forty-five,” said the lady in the window.

Lee glanced at the convertible in his rearview mirror. “The fact that the women behind us are gorgeous doesn’t hurt,” he said.

“Who said random acts of kindness can’t also be mildly self-serving?”

“Alright, but how are you gonna meet them. We’re in a drive-thru. It’s not like you can give ‘em your number,” said Lee.

Obery smiled and flashed his eyebrows. “That’s where you come in. Stop and let them come beside us. They open their window and I turn on the charm.”

“And I spend a week cleaning cappuccino from my interior.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“You turn on your charm and they throw coffee in my face,” said Lee. “I don’t wanna a mess in my classic car.”

“It’s a ’73 Ford Pinto.”

“Yeah. It’s forty years old.”

“Every time they got hit they blew up. You have a forty year old death trap,” said Obery.

“You know the problem was only in the ’71. By ’73 they were safe.”

“There’s a claim to fame. You can use that when you sell it. Face it, man. The car’s not a classic. It’s infamous. It’s amazing any lasted this long.”

“I prefer the term ‘vintage ironic’. People love this car. Everywhere I go I get comments. Awesome comments,” said Lee.

“I know two people who don’t. The girls behind us drove right past. They didn’t even wave. That’s harsh,” said Obery.

Lee rolled his eyes. “That’s not a shock. Did you see their vanity plate?”

“No. What was it?”

“‘SPOILD’. You had no shot.”

“Why not?”

“Seriously? They’re in a Mercedes convertible. You can’t even afford a forty year old death trap,” said Lee.

Obery scowled. “It’s not fair, man.”

“Never is,” said Lee. “At least it only cost one random act of kindness to figure that out.”


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