Moxy’s Test Drive

test drive

Moxy was bored. He’d been stuck at home, bumbling around his apartment for a month. There’s only so much prepackaged entertainment he could take. Moxy wanted more.

Dressing up in his best suit and slipping on his sunglasses, Moxy headed off on an adventure. An hour and two buses later he arrived at a car dealership. Moxy walked straight down the center of the driveway, determined to get the attention of a salesman.

“Good afternoon,” said the smooth talking salesman. He stuck out his hand.

Moxy looked disinterestedly off to his left, then shook the salesman’s hand.

“Moxy,” he said.

“Duke. Nice to meet you. Can I help you with anything in particular? We’ve got some great incentives on our oh-twelves,” said Duke.

“I’m looking for something midrange. Something sporty but economical,” said Moxy.

“You have a price range in mind?” said Duke.

“Twenty-five, I think. I don’t want to venture above thirty,” said Moxy.

“That’s great. We’ve got a couple of options in that range,” said Duke.

The two walked around the lot as Duke extolled the merits of each model. Moxy settled on a sporty coupe.

“I can’t tell how good it is just by looking at it,” said Moxy.

“You’re right about that. Let’s take it for a test drive. I need to make a copy of your license,” said Duke.

“No problem,” said Moxy.

It only took a minute for Duke to return with the keys. Moxy settled into the driver’s seat and caressed the steering wheel.

“And away we go,” said Duke.

“I’m in the zone,” said Moxy, firing up the engine. He moved cautiously through the parking lot. Sitting at the entrance to the street Moxy focused straight ahead. All the while Duke pointed out more features of the car.

Suddenly, Moxy lurched into traffic. Duke instinctively reached for the dashboard.

“It has a lot of get up and go,” said Duke.

Moxy smiled as he cruised down the busy street. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

“You’re going a little fast, there,” said Duke. “Stop light. Stop light. STOP LIGHT!”

Moxy slammed on the brakes. They screeched to a halt.

“Sorry about that. I just got lost in the moment,” said Moxy. “But the brakes work great.”

They sat at the green light until the honking. Moxy stomped hard on the gas.

“What’re you doing? Are you crazy?” said Duke.

“This is awesome,” said Moxy.

“Look out!”

Moxy swerved, narrowly missing a courier truck.

“Sorry. Didn’t see that,” said Moxy.

“Are you blind?”

“Technically, yes. But just in the center. I can see peripherally,” said Moxy.

“Are you serious? I’m gonna die,” said Duke, clinging to the door handles.

“Relax. I haven’t killed anyone yet,” said Moxy. They whipped around a corner going fifty. “This thing handles great.”

“This is a joke. You’re not blind. Am I on a hidden camera? Where is it?” said Duke.

“No hidden camera, just you and a blind guy,” said Moxy.

“Wait a sec. How’d you get a driver’s license?” said Duke.

“I wasn’t born blind, and you’d be surprised how easy it is to fool the government,” said Moxy. He slammed on the brakes and swerved into the dealership. Duke grabbed for the keys.

“Never again,” said Duke, hyperventilating.

Moxy laughed. “Tell me you saw that coming.”


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