The Irresistible Lure of Canaries



Gavin didn’t intend to be be forty and single. Somehow time slipped by unnoticed until half his life was gone. Determined not to be fifty and single, he decided to get out more, be more involved in the world. Gavin embraced a hobby: canaries.

Gavin purchased a breeding pair of German roller canaries. He joined a canary club. He borrowed books from the library. He even travelled to Lichtenstein to see a canary show. Before long Gavin was fully immersed in the canary culture.

As much as he enjoyed his hobby, Gavin remained painfully single. Perplexed, he confessed his concern to Matty, his neighbour from the apartment across the hall. She worked as a lapidary’s apprentice.

“I don’t know,” said Gavin.

“Let me get this straight. You thought breeding canaries would help you meet a nice woman?” she said.

“I thought it wouldn’t hurt,” said Gavin.

“Of course it could hurt. You’re a glorified canary pimp,” said Matty. “What girl’d want to be with that?”

“Yeah, but, I don’t know,” said Gavin dejectedly.

“Why don’t you dump the birds and be more yourself?”

“Being myself got me this way,” said Gavin. “Besides, I like canaries. Their song is so, I don’t know…”



“Pleasing to the ear,” said Matty. She shrugged. “I have a ‘word of the day’ calendar. I want to improve my vocabulary.”

“It’s true. I love to hear them sing first thing in the morning,” said Gavin.

“They do sound pretty. Sometimes I can hear them from my apartment,” said Matty.

“Maybe you could come over some morning for breakfast. They sound better, you know, not through the door,” said Gavin.

Matty smiled. “That sounds nice. In the meantime, sweetie, don’t worry about being alone. There’re a lot of us out there. We’ll be single together.”

“Thanks, Matty.”

“No problem,” she said as she patted his hand and stood to leave. “If it’s okay, I’ll come over tomorrow for breakfast.”

“Wow, yeah, sure,” said Gavin

“What time?”

“Seven thirty,” said Gavin.

“See you then,” said Matty.

Gavin smiled.


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