Sisters Day Out


Saturday afternoons were set aside as sisters day out. Even after Kelly, Samantha and Ridley each married men named Steve and started families, they continued their sibling tradition.

Their time together usually consisted of a late lunch and a matinée. That way they could see movies that would make their husbands cringe.

On one particular afternoon, after watching “Love’s Hope Renewed 2: The Second Romance”, the three went to a trendy café.

“Kel, I’ve been meaning to ask this for a long time. How much does your Steve make? You always look so good,” said Ridley.

“No kidding,” added Samantha, “We look like total frumps next to you.”

“Speak for yourself,” said Ridley, glaring at Samantha.

“I’m just agreeing with you,” said Samantha.

“By calling me a frump? Nice,” said Ridley.

“If the muumuu fits,” said Kelly. She and Samantha laughed.

Ridley crossed her arms and stared at the street. “I swear I’m adopted,” she said.

“You always say that,” said Samantha.

“Doesn’t change the fact you’re stuck with us,” said Kelly.

Ridley slowly shook her head. “Sad, but true. You still didn’t answer my question.”

“That’s right,” said Samantha.

Kelly looked at her younger sisters. “Fine. I’ll tell you. But don’t say anything to my Steve. He’s embarrassed about it.”

Ridley and Samantha shared a mystified look.

Kelly leaned it and whispered, “All my clothes are second hand.”

Ridley laughed. Samantha reeled back in horror.

“What?” protested Kelly.

“The way you said it I thought they were stoled or something,” said Ridley. “I don’t see why it’s such a big secret.”

“It’s disgusting. You’re wearing someone else’s stain encrusted, germ infested cast offs. Ew,” said Samantha.

Kelly looked at Samantha in disbelief. “I don’t pick them up off the side of the road. I go to Value Village, or as I call it, La Village.”

Ridley’s eyes brightened. “So that’s what that means. I heard you say that before but I thought it was an outlet mall or something. The next time you go, give me a call.”

“Are you serious?” said Samantha.

“What? Kelly looks amazing. You said it yourself,” said Ridley.

“You should come along, too,” said Kelly.

“Absolutely not. You two are weird. In fact, both of you put the ‘u’ in weird,” said Samantha.

Ridley looked confused. “There’s no ‘u’ in weird.”

“No, but there’s a double-u. You know, the both of you. Double-u?”

“That doesn’t make any sense,” said Ridley.

“It does raise the question, why do they call it a double-u when it’s really a double-v,” said Kelly.

“That’s right,” said Ridley.

“You’re missing the point,” said Samantha.

“No, it changes the point. You can’t say ‘you put the v in double-v’, now can you? If anything, you could say you put the ‘i’ in weird. That makes more sense,” said Kelly.

“Especially in your case, Samantha,” said Ridley. Kelly and Ridley both laughed.

Samantha pouted. “I don’t know why I go out with you. I really don’t.”

“Because we’re sisters,” said Kelly.

“Weird sisters,” said Samantha.

Ridley raised her glass. “And proud of it.”

“Amen, sister. Vive la difference,” said Kelly as she clinked her glass with Ridley.

Samantha tried to keep a straight face, but failed. She raise her glass and joined the toast.


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