A Considerate Son



“I unfriended my mom on Facebook,” said Gus. He sat down at the edge of a half pipe.


Chang popped his skateboard into his hand and sat beside him. “That’s harsh, man. Why?”


“Some of the pics on my page weren’t exactly mom approved.”


Chang nodded. A broad smile swept across his face. “Oh yeah, like Vegas.”


“Totally. Vegas.”


“I still don’t know how you got fifty pigeons into that cab,” said Chang.


“Lemme just say, the less you know, the better.”


“Do you remember the look on the cabbie’s face when he saw that eight foot statue of Venus De Milo standing on the hood of his car? Classic. How’d you not do time for that?”


“Let’s just say Vegas has a long memory. I can’t go back there ‘til I’m like, 80,” said Gus.


“Way harsh. Wait. You’re mom totally knows all about Vegas, right?”


“Yeah, but…”


“Oh, lemme guess. She didn’t know about the salamander incident.”


Gus pointed at Chang. “That was a medical emergency. And she wouldn’ta known about that if you hadn’t posted the video on Youtube. And Facebook. And Twitvid.”


“I got over 6 million views on Youtube alone. It’s both entertaining and educational. Three medical schools use it as a training video.”


“Yeah, well, I can’t go to Mercy General without everyone snickering at me,” said Gus.


“Wait a sec. You’re mom’s seen all that.”


“So have all her friends.”


“But have they seen the pictures of of the time you joined the ‘no pants’ subway ride?”




“The time you wore a duct tape diaper to work?”




Chang laughed. “Okay, that one was pretty dumb. I mean, you’re like, 46 years old.”


“My mom’s seen all that.”


“Then why’d you unfriend your mom on Facebook?” asked Chang.


“It’s the only thing she wanted me to do for Mother’s Day.”

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There is nothing about me that is more interesting than you. I am a man. I have a wife and family. I have a career. I have two dogs. I
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