Dreams of Tuesday Night Football



Every evening after the children went to bed, Mathilda and Steve settled on the couch and watched TV. It was their alone time. Just the three of them.


Tuesday evening was Mathilda’s night to choose the shows. Years of subtle negotiations led to the arrangement that on Monday Nights Steve was allowed to watch Monday Night Football. Tuesday nights Mathilda could watch bridal shows and Home and Garden TV.


This particular Tuesday Mathilda surfed aimlessly through the channels. She sighed. That was Steve’s cue.


“What’s wrong, sweetheart?”


“I’ve just made the horrible discovery I can’t have it all,” she said.


“What do you mean? You have two great kids, a house, a career, not to mention a fabulous husband.”


“It’s not enough,” she said as she rubbed his thigh. “I want an urban adventure. A condo in the city. And a country house. I want to be connected and unplugged at the same time.”


“You do have a problem,” said Steve. He rolled his eyes. He’s heard this before.


“Steve, I’m serious.” Mathilda settled on a channel where a couple showed off their Caribbean island home.


“What about we chuck it all away and become beach bums?” asked Steve.


“Exactly. I’m tired to watching other people live their dreams while we watch them on TV,” complained Mathilda.


“We could turn off the TV.”




“Think of it this way. It’s a lot cheaper watching other people spend their money. There’s no way we could afford a lifestyle like that,” said Steve.


“But don’t you have a dream?”


“Sure. Tuesday Night Football.”


Mathilda slapped Steve on the arm.


“Hey, don’t hate me because I’m closer to my dream than you are,” said Steve.


Mathilda pouted for a few seconds, then turned off the TV. “I’m gonna read a book.”


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