Life With Grant: The Apple Juice Incident



At two thirty in the afternoon the waiting room of Dr. Elijah Ramses was filled with patients. Grant entered, looked carefully at everyone in the room, then made his way to the front desk.


Mel followed Grant and looked for the closest available seat. Only single seats were left, meaning Mel wouldn’t sit next to Grant. That suited Mel just fine. He drew the short straw and had to bring Grant to his doctors appointment. Mel prayed it would be easy.


Grant grabbed a small clear plastic cup with an orange lid. He looked over at Mel and raised his eyebrows. From his right pocket Grant pulled out a bottle of apple juice.


Mel gave him a confused look. Grant smiled and went to the restroom. A minute later Mel got a text.


‘video this’


It was from Grant. Mel deleted it. Another text beeped.


‘do it or it’ll b like the time with the whip cream’


Mel rolled his eyes, and typed his reply.




Family or not, somebody owed Mel big for this. Discretely he rested his phone on his knee and started recording.


Grant burst from the restroom and strode confidently to a seat. The specimen cup was prominently displayed. After a few seconds, Grant said out loud, “I’m thirsty. Is anyone else thirsty, ‘cause I’m thirsty.” He unscrewed the cap of his specimen cup and took a sip.


“Mmmm,” said Grant. A couple of people grimaced in disgust. One elderly man rushed to the restroom.


Grant typed away on his phone. Seconds later Mel’s phone beeped. He stopped recording to read his text.


‘did u get that’


Mel typed back.




Grant held up the cup, offering it to the other of the patients in the waiting room. “Anyone else thirsty? No? Your loss.” He took another sip. Three people got up and left. Another went to the front desk and told the nurse.


Grant smiled.


Mel’s phone beeped.


‘drink some’


Mel looked at Grant and shook his head ‘no’.


Mel’s phone beeped again.


‘whipped cream’


Mel closed his eyes an sighed. No one should have to babysit their granddad like this, he thought.


Grant stood up. “Are you sure no one wants some? It’s delicious.” He looked at Mel.


“I’d love some,” said Mel. He took the cup from Grant and drank.


As soon as the liquid hit his tongue Mel’s eyes bulged out of his head. He gagged. “That’s not apple juice,” he coughed.


Grant laughed hysterically. One lady threw up in her purse.


“C’mon, Mel. Let’s go.”


Mel was still trying to clear his palate. “What about your appointment,” he sputtered.


Grant patted Mel on the shoulder. “This isn’t my doctor’s office,” he said before running out the door.


Mel chased after his granddad. Without a doubt, he thought, this is way worse than the whipped cream incident.


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2 Responses to Life With Grant: The Apple Juice Incident

  1. duane vandermeer says:

    lol i gotta try that at my next docters visit

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