Parking Lot Drama


The school parking lot was a mess. The accumulation of four months of snow storms left a dearth of room coveted by far too many impatient parents. Hank walked to his car after dropping off his children. He was one of the lucky few with an actual parking spot. But luck is a cruel mistress.

Arriving at his small Mazda, he saw that the lot was at a standstill. Cars were scattered in every direction. Moms and dads in SUVs and minivans were anxious to start their busy days, but no one was moving.

Hank followed the shouting to discover the problem. At the entrance to Main Street, a bottleneck formed as parents trying to leave were nose-to-nose with parents eager to drop off their children.

One parent tried to direct traffic as a mom shouted at him from her SUV. Hank leaned against his car. It was far more entertaining to stand back and watch the drama unfold.

Anger focused on a dad in a BMW. Parents pointed and shouted at the perceived culprit. From Hank’s vantage point, their hostility didn’t seem entirely justified. Then again, mob justice is rarely ever justified.

The guy directing traffic pounded on the hood of the BMW. Suddenly, everything went quiet. The showdown was on.

Hank waited, caught up in the tension of the moment..

The reverse lights on the BMW flashed. The moms and dads in SUVs and minivans cheered. Once the BMW was out of the way, the other cars edged forward. Within two minutes, the parking lot was empty.

Hank glanced at his watch. The entire drama took five minutes to unfold. Thinking about it made Hank smile. That morning he discovered a deep truth. One man’s inconvenience is another man’s entertainment.

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There is nothing about me that is more interesting than you. I am a man. I have a wife and family. I have a career. I have two dogs. I
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