The Mockumentary


Piper stood before a couple of potential producers seated in a beige boardroom. This was the moment of action, the culmination of years of effort. She took a deep breath, smiled, then started. “It’s about the almost great civil disagreement between the established Numiastic Order and the breakaway Society of Exonumians. The Society, S. of Ex., for short, sought their independence from the rest of the currency collecting community. To forge their own identity. A David breaking free from Goliath.”

“That doesn’t make sense. David and Goliath were never allies,” interrupted a potential producer.

“That doesn’t matter, right? It’s not the point. So, the S. of Ex. broke free from the Numiastic Order. It was an epic struggle. Back and forth, conflict and tension. Then, at the darkest hour, a treaty is secretly signed bringing the melée to an end. A kind of Treaty of Versailles,” explained Piper.

“The Treaty of Versailles wasn’t, oh, never mind,” said a potential producer.

“I don’t think you’re getting the swing of this. The two groups amalgamated, The Numiastic Order and the Society of Exonumians. Together they created the N.O.S. of Ex. Get it? NOSEX. It’s brilliant. Totally explains the currency collecting culture.”

There was a pause.

“This is supposed to be a documentary?” asked a potential producer.

“No, it’s a mockumentary.”

“So there’s no enough irony in the world that you’ve got to create this?” asked a potential producer.

“Well, yeah. I mean, what better story to tell?”

“It’s fiction.”

“Yes,” said Piper.

“But you’re making it look like an actual piece of credible investigation.”

“Exactly like gonzo journalism, but different,” explained Piper. She smiled.

There was another pause.

“And it’s hip,” said Piper.

The potential producers looked at each other. “Brilliant. I was just saying the other day, there’s not enough irony in the world. Let’s do this.”


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