Google Cars and Sane Choices


“You’ll never guess what I saw today. A Google camera car,” Anita announced as she walked into work.

“What did you do?” asked Marcy.

“What do you mean?”

“People do crazy stuff for the camera. Pranks and stuff. Some people even dress up in costumes,” explained Marcy.

“How do they know where it will be?”

Marcy looked at Anita quizzically. “I don’t know. Maybe they’ve learned to read the Matrix.”

“You lost me,” said Anita.

“You know, followed the glitches in the Matrix.”

“What does that have to do with Google cars?”

“It’s all part of the system,” said Marcy.

“Or maybe there’s a website that tracks these their movement,” said Anita.

“Don’t tell me you believe in coincidences, deja vu and stuff like that,” said Marcy.

“I think you’re a glitch in the Matrix.”

Marcy got dreamy eyed. “That would be so awesome.”

Anita shook her head.

“What?” asked Marcy.

“You realize The Matrix was only a movie.”

“Says you. Don’t mock my beliefs,” said Marcy, with her hands on her hips.

“None of this makes sense. How did we get from the Google car to the Matrix?”

“If you believe that we’re all part of the Matrix, then everything makes sense,” said Marcy.

“I don’t.”

“That’s why you’re confused,” said Marcy. She looked at her watch. “We’ve got a cabinet meeting in five minutes. He got to hurry.”

Anita and Marcy gathered their satchels and headed for the door.

“Remind me how you got elected,” said Anita.

Marcy winked at Anita. “Are you kidding? In my riding, I was the only sane choice.”


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3 Responses to Google Cars and Sane Choices

  1. olivierlehe says:

    This is incredible to see how Google progressed within 1 year about their program “Google self-driving car project”. This is now not anymore, a concept with technical tests using a Toyota cars, as it was last year, with Prius or Lexus RX; this is not anymore a technical solution with engineers embedded in these cars, checking the issues of the software developed.

    This concept allows Google to propose a completely automatized car without any steering wheel nor any pedals of acceleration or brake nor any engineer embedded in the car.

    A new model of usage born

    These cars will not be sold by Google; the cost of cars remains too expensive from now; some rumors speaks about a price of 1 million of dollars for the first Google cars, if we integrate manufacturing costs and R&D costs included; and the running costs of these cars is unknown for the moment; for sure, limited people could buy these cars if they would be allowed to buy them.

    These cars will be firstly rented by Google to replace your car to go to supermarket, to go to airport or to go some meetings in your town. This model reinvent the usage of transports.

    If you are interested, I have posted an article on this incredible & amazing Google Car 2.0 that you can read here:

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