How The Government Really Works


Robin noticed a BMW turning right, took a three steps into traffic and got hit. It wasn’t hard enough to cause injury, but enough to infuriate.

She smacked the hood of the BMW, causing a small dent just to the right of the blue and white badge.

“Hey!” shouted the BMW driver.

“What? You hit me,” shouted Robin back at the yuppie in Ray-bans.

“You dented my car. That’ll cost like a thousand bucks to fix.” The driver caressed his wounded automobile.

The traffic building behind them started voicing their displeasure at the delay.

Robin grabbed her leg and fell to the ground. “What about my medical bills?”

The BMW driver stood over her, with his hands on his hips. “You can’t be serious.”

“You have no idea,” said Robin. She turned to a bystander. “Call 911. I think I’m about to lose consciousness.”

“Stop that. Stop,” said the BMW driver, trying to keep things from spiraling out of control. The sounds of car horns rang in his ears. “Fine. Just get up. Let’s forget the whole thing.”

“Why?” asked Robin. “Once the police get here I’m gonna have a lot of fun. I may even tell them the dent on your hood is where I hit my head.”

The BMW driver shook his head and knelt beside Robin. “What do you want?”

Robin went very still and calculating. “It’s not what I want. How badly do you want this to go away?”

The driver suddenly understood. “I’m being scammed.”

“You should be used to it after signing a lease on a BMW. What do you have?”

The driver pulled out $362 from his wallet. She grabbed it greedily. “I’ll take your watch, too.”

“But it’s a Tissot.”

“Then I’ll definitely take the watch,” said Robin.

Grudgingly, the BMW driver handed it over.

Robin smiled. “Don’t feel so bad. Think of it as a tax. A stupid tax.”


“Don’t be mad at me. You’re the one who’s stupid enough to flaunt your toys,” said Robin as rose to her feet. “Thank you for your contribution to the redistribution of wealth.”


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