The Break-up


Bruce arrived at Annie’s apartment after a long week at work. He couldn’t explain why, but working long hours in the summer was worse than in the winter. “I’m exhausted,” he complained.

“Don’t tell me this. You know I’m not sympathetic,” replied Annie.

“But you’re my girlfriend. You’re supposed to be nurturing,” said Bruce.

“If you want that, call your mother.”

“She’s no better than you are,” Bruce scoffed.

Annie laughed. “Don’t tell me I remind you of your mother.”

“That’s disgusting,” said Bruce. He flipped off his shoes and flopped on the couch. “Can you at least fake some sympathy?”

“Fine,” sighed Annie.

“Thank you.”

There was an uncomfortable pause between them. “So, what kind of exhaustion do you have?”


“Is it fatigue? Are you emotionally exhausted? Just tired of working? What?”

“That’s not sympathy,” Bruce fumed.

“I’m just trying to figure out what I’m dealing with. I need to have something to go on.”

Bruce looked to the ceiling in frustration. “Fatigue.”

“Then go to bed earlier. You stay up way too late,” said Annie. “See? Easy peasy.”

“That’s not what I was looking for.”

“What do you mean? I did better than sympathy. I solved your problem. I’m wonderful.”

“Want a second opinion?”

“I don’t need one. It’s already been determined,” said Annie.

Bruce nodded, as though making a decision. He started putting his shoes back on.

“What are you doing?”

Bruce stood up. “At least one thing’s decided. I was going to tell you about the vacation to Panama I just booked. Instead, I’ve determined I’m going alone.”

Annie’s jaw dropped as she watching him leave.


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