Revenge Of The Song Lyrics (with footnotes)


“Please don’t see me. Please, please, please,” Caleb whispered to himself. He hadn’t seen Brent since their days at the Institute. It wasn’t a reunion Caleb wanted.

“Caleb Cooper? The Pooper Scooper? Is that you?”

The sound of Brent’s taunting voice made Caleb shiver. It was too late to hide. Caleb pasted a smile on his face. “Hey Brent.”

“It’s been, like eight years. How’s it going?” asked Brent.

A flash of inspiration illuminated Caleb’s mind. He couldn’t avoid Brent, so he might as well have some fun. “My future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades.”1

Brent looked startled. “Really. What’ve you been doing with your life?”

“I’m heavenly blessed and worldly wise. I’m a peeping tom techie with x-ray eyes,”2 said Caleb.


“I study nuclear science. I love my classes. I got a crazy teacher who wears dark glasses,”3 Caleb said with a smile.

Brent scowled. “Funny,” he said. “Since you didn’t ask, I’m in politics. I’m the MP for Baldwin East. The youngest serving MP in a century. At this rate I’ll be Prime Minister at thirty-five.”

“Well, history is made by stupid people. Clever people wouldn’t even try,”4 said Caleb. He couldn’t stop laughing at himself.

“Oh yeah? What’re your big life plans?”

“I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,”5 Caleb admitted.

“Exactly. So while you’re mocking me, I’ll be making something of my life,” said Brent.

“I used to care, but things have changed,”6 said Caleb.

Brent’s face glowed red. “You’re a loser. You were a loser in the Institute and you’ll always be a loser.”

Brent’s response strengthened Caleb’s resolve. “Only a fool here, would think he’s got anything to prove.”7

Brent was so angry he was speechless. He tried to respond, but words failed him. His hands balled up into fists. Caleb took a step back as a precaution, but he was having too much fun to stop.

“Wait there, pull yourself out of this state, dear. Acknowledge you are a fake, here. From there on we might just grow.”8

“I don’t even know why I even talked to an insignificant worm like you. Go to Hell, Pooper Scooper,” Brent shouted, then stormed away.

Caleb shrugged his shoulders. “Now you’re just somebody that I used to know.”9


1 From Timbuk3, My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades.
2 Ibid.
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4 From The Arrogant Worms, History is Made By Stupid People.
5 From U2, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.
6 From Bob Dylan, Things Have Changed.
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8 From Matt Corby, Brother.
9 From Gotye, Somebody That I Used To Know.


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  1. Tony Trudgian says:

    “Thank You for Being a Friend.” 1

    1. Cynthia Fee

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