Smelling As You Sleep


The waiting room of the medical lab was quiet. Curtis watched the wall mounted infotainment screen as Helena played a game on her cell phone.

“It just showed a ‘Did You Know’ on the TV that said a person has no sense of smell while sleeping,” said Curtis.

Helena looked at Curtis with a quizzical scowl. “I don’t think that’s right,” she said.

“That’s what I was thinking.”

“When the dog was sick, it was the smell that woke me up,” Helena recalled.

“I know. Me too,” said Curtis. He sat quietly for a few seconds. “You know, that was presented as a scientific fact. It makes you wonder what else they pass off as a fact that’s actually wrong.”

Helena ignored him by playing on her phone.

“Maybe tobacco is good for you. Maybe they even have a cure for cancer.”

“Maybe they just made a mistake,” sighed Helena.

“In some ways that’s even worse. They pass themselves off as experts when they really don’t know much of anything,” concluded Curtis.

“Walk with purpose, speak with authority, and people will believe you,” said Helena, sarcastically.

“Exactly. This could all be an elaborate ruse, using places like this to indoctrinate, even secretly inject us with mind control drugs.”

“Then they better hurry up with you before you figure out their master plan,” said Helena.

Curtis looked at Helena with an expression of shock and disgust. “You don’t believe me.”

Helena resumed the game on her phone. “I believe you’re terrified of needles. And if you think this will get you out of having your blood work done, I believe you’re out of your mind.”

Curtis slumped in his seat. Before he had a chance to say anything, his name was called.


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2 Responses to Smelling As You Sleep

  1. Tony Trudgian says:

    Stats; stats; stats! They can be skewed; they can be misrepresented, under or over depending on ones agenda. 10% of people are scared of needles?????????? LOL

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