The Hashtag Mystery


“I joined the Twitterverse,” announced Darren’s mom.

“Way to catch up with society, mom,” replied Darren sarcastically.

“I tweeted my first twit.”

Darren laughed. “The message is a tweet. A twit is the fool who reads it.”

“Then you better call yourself a twit, ‘cause you’ll be following your mother.”

“Aw, mom.”

“Don’t ‘Aw, mom’ me. I need at least one follower.”

“Okay. What’s your screen name?”

“You’ll love it. I’m ‘TherealDarrensmom’,” she said.

Darren choked. “No. That’s humiliating. You can’t do that.”

“Absolutely I can. But there’s one thing I don’t get. What’s a hashtag? I mean, its the pound sign.”

“Only if you were born in the 1950’s,” quipped Darren.

“Watch it.”


“Still, where did the term come from? Hashtag. What is hash?”

“If you don’t know…”

“I know what it means. But they don’t tag hash. It doesn’t make sense,” said Darren’s mom.

“You could google it.”

“Like everything on the internet is true. I’m not that gullible,” said Darren’s mom skeptically.

Darren smiled. “At least we won’t need to send you to remedial internet lessons.”

“I’m more tech savvy than you think, young man. Still, I’m not so sure about these hashtag things.”

“Think of them a ways of connecting people.”

“I know what they do, I just don’t know why they’re called that.”

Darren put his hand on his mom’s shoulder. “Just think of it as one of the great mysteries of the modern age.”

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2 Responses to The Hashtag Mystery

  1. Anthony Trudgian says:

    5th line needs to be “then”! >

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