When To Know It’s Time For A Career Change


“I think it’s time for a career change,” said Darcy to her friends.

“You love sales,” said Audrey.

“And you’re really awesome at it,” added Jane.

Darcy responded with a pained expression. “I don’t think I have a choice.”

“Why? What happened?” asked Jane.

“I got fired.”

“What?” said Audrey and Jane in unison.

“I was taking my boss and a client to a job site. They both wanted to stop for a coffee on the way, so we hit a drive-through,” said Darcy.

Both friends followed Darcy’s words with rapt attention.

“Long story short, I mistook the garbage cans for the place to give our order. I didn’t realize. I don’t drink coffee and never go to those places,” pleaded Darcy.

“Embarrassing, but not worth losing your job over,” said Audrey.

“Well, an employee of the coffee place was changing the garbages and started laughing at me. I was so mad and humiliated I just wanted to get away, so I rolled up my window and drove to the pickup window.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad,” said Jane.

Darcy looked off into the distance. “I caught the guy’s safety vest in my window and dragged him across the parking lot.”

“Is he okay?” asked Audrey.

“He’s still in the hospital with a broken leg, concussion, and who knows what else,” said Darcy.

“That would be devastating,” said Jane.

“That’s not all,” said Darcy, timidly.

Jane rolled her eyes.

“We went to that coffee place specifically because the client’s son works there.”

“Don’t tell me,” said Jane.

“I nearly killed my client’s kid,” said Darcy.

“C’mon. You gotta be kidding,” said Jane.

“I was so fired,” said Darcy.

“Oh, Darcy. What are you going to do?” asked Audrey.

“Like I said, it’s time for a new career.”

A glint formed in Jane’s eye. “I heard of a vacancy that just opened up at a coffee place.”

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  1. hotwheelzzzz says:

    Sorry Tim I, m not understanding the story this time

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