The Dark Power of Youtube


Milt looked around the restaurant for a woman wearing a white rose. That was part of the arrangement. He spotted Megan seated at a table near the fireplace. He approached, said ‘hi’ and handed her his business card.

“Thanks for doing this,” said Megan. “It’s the first time I’ve tried online dating and I wanted to be extra careful.”

Milt smiled. “I’ve only done this once before, so I totally understand.”

“On your card it says you’re a Knowledge Consultant and Information Analyst. I have no idea what that means,” said Megan. “What is a Knowledge Consultant and Information Analyst?”

Milt blushed. “The title wasn’t my idea.”

“Where did it come from?”

“Actually, it came from my ex. She thought it would help me establish a smart brand,” confessed Milt.

“So you don’t really work as a Knowledge Consultant?” asked Megan. She rolled her eyes as she took a sip of water.

Milt perked up. “Actually, I do. Technically I’m freelance, but I’ve been working on contract with several government agencies and private corporations.”

Megan was taken aback. “Wow. How long have you been doing that?”

“Going on three years now.”

“So what exactly is it you do?”

“I know things, basically. And what I don’t know, I learn.”

“You sound like a spy.”

Milt blushed again. “Nah. It’s nothing that exciting. It’s just that there’s too much to learn in the information age, so some organizations hire me to help keep them educated.”

“And how do you do that?” asked Megan. She rubbed her foot against the inside of his leg.

“I can’t really say. It’s my trade secret.”

“Seriously? You can’t even give me a hint?”

“Nah,” said Milt, tentatively.

“Pretty please?”

Milt was drawn in by her large, blue, alluring eyes. He sighed.

“Let’s just say there’s more on Youtube than just music and cat videos.”

Megan reached out and caressed Milt’s hand. “That’s so clever.”

“I know right? People pay me for knowing stuff they could easily find for themselves. It’s amazing when you think about it.”

“I’ll say,” said Megan.

Milt felt a sting in his neck. The room started to spin and Megan went blurry.

Just before Milt passed out, Megan stroked his cheek and said, “Sorry, Milt. Some people just know too much.”


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