Revenge of the Princess


When Gwenyth suddenly picked up archery as a hobby, her friends got worried. Gwenyth was a prototypical princess. Beautiful, polished and prissy.

She approached the bow with intensity. Two hours a day, rain or shine, she practiced in her back yard. The days turned into weeks. Weeks into months. To her friends, it reached the point of concern.

“Gwen, whatcha’ doin’?” asked Mikayla. She twitched at the thump of the arrow hitting the target.

“Practicing,” said Gwenyth.


“You’re goin’ at it pretty hard, don’t ya’ think? Why don’t you stop and we can lay in the sun like we used to? You haven’t worn a bikini in months,” asked Mikayla.

“I can’t. Not until I’m ready.”


“You haven’t had a manicure in, like, forever. Let’s go spruce up,” said Mikayla.


“Not today,” said Gwenyth. Her eyes never strayed from her target.

“Gwen, I’m worried about you.”

“Don’t be.”


“This isn’t like you.”

“I need to do this.”

“Why, Gwen? Why? You’re a mess. I don’t even recognize you anymore. Please. Take a spa day,” said Mikayla.

“When I’m done,” said Gwenyth.

“Done what?”

At that moment a humming sound came from overhead. Gwenyth’s head wheeled around and her eyes filled with fury.

“What is that sound?” asked Mikayla.

“Shhh,” hissed Gwenyth. She pulled a couple of arrows from the target and notched her bow. She crouched down behind a bush.

Tears filled Mikayla’s eyes. “Gwen, you’re scaring me.”

All the muscles in Gwenyth’s body tensed as the small four propeller drone flew into view.

“Look natural. It’s got a camera,” whispered Gwenyth.

Mikayla froze. Gwenyth waited until the drone hovered ever closer. She drew back the string, released a slow breath and released. The arrow flew straight and true. It struck the drone, knocking out of the sky.

Gwenyth jumped up, laughing uncontrollably. She ran over to the drone, looked into the tiny camera attached to the drone, and crushed it under her foot.

“What just happened?” asked Mikayla.

Gwenyth sneered. “Justice.”

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3 Responses to Revenge of the Princess

  1. Tony Trudgian says:

    “Not today,” said Gwenyth. She eyes never strayed from her target. Should be “Her”.
    “You haven’t had a manicure in, life, forever. Let’s go spruce up,” said Mikayla. Should be ‘like”.
    Big brother is watching! Way to go Gwenyth!!!!

  2. love this. 😀 indeed, archery can turn prissy princess-types into badass warrior-types 😀

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