How To Get On Santa’s Naughty List


Wes, pale and worried, skulked into the office past Monica and Kyle.

“What’s wrong, Wes?” asked Monica.

Wes looked at Monica with terror. “Is it that obvious?”


Wes thought for a second, then handed Monica a note. She read it, then handed it to Kyle.

“So? It’s obviously a sick joke,” said Monica.

Kyle read the note out loud. “You will die before the end of your work day.”

“I don’t know what to do,” admitted Wes.

“How about relax? This isn’t serious. Nobody gets notes telling them about the future,” said Monica.

“I do. I do,” mumbled Wes as he walked past.

“Dead man walking,” said Kyle.

“You don’t think it’s serious, do you?” asked Monica.

Kyle offered a sinister smile.


“Let’s just say he’s got a lot of reason to believe it,” said Kyle.

“I don’t follow.”

Kyle looked around to see if anyone was listening. “Two weeks ago he got a message, just like this one, warning him that his computer was going to crash.”

“Was it from you?”

“Yeah. It wasn’t that hard considering his computer password is named after his first dog ‘fifigirl’,” said Kyle.

“You gotta be kidding.”

“I log in, download a virus, and poof, I make it happen,” explained Kyle.

“That’s so mean,” said Monica.

“The next week I heard that Wes was up for promotion, so I slipped another note in his Chinese food take out bag.”

“How did you know which one?”

“Let’s say old Wes is a creature of habit. It was actually pretty easy. Imagine his surprise when he gets a promotion the very next day,” said Kyle with that same sinister smile.

“Okay. I get all that, but what about the death notice?”

“I put in on his windshield as I passed one my way to work,” said Kyle.

“But why?”

“Do I really need a reason to have a reason for messing with my friend’s head?” laughed Kyle.

Monica shook her head. “You’re the kind of kid that got a lump of coal for Christmas.”


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