The Smell Test


“What happens if you get sprayed by a skunk?” asked Danny.

“If you don’t know, now’s not the time to ask,” said Eric.

At that moment, Danny was assaulted by a sensory overload. He didn’t know a smell could hit like a punch. It took his breath away. Even his teeth hurt.

Danny was pulled back into the moment by the sound of Eric laughing. “You did ask,” Eric said.

“It was rhetorical. Now what am I gonna do? I have a blind date tonight.”

“Die alone?”

“I hate you,” said Danny.

“Not as much as she’ll hate you if you meet her smelling like that. I’ll help you wash it off.”

Despite their desperate efforts, Danny arrived at the restaurant with the stench of skunk imprinted in his nose. He could feel the hateful glares of other patrons. A few even left the restaurant. A waitress approached and asked him to leave.

The embarrassment was all he could take. As Danny left the restaurant, Carolyn arrived. His whole body stiffened as she gave him a hug. A passing couple looked horrified as they passed them on the street.

“It’s great to see you,” said Carolyn.

“Yeah, but are you glad to smell me?” mumbled Danny.

Carolyn looked hurt. “Are you trying to be mean?”

“Me? No. But you’ve gotta be repulsed. Everybody else is,” said Danny.

“I don’t get it,” said Carolyn.

Danny scowled. He hated that she was making him spell it out. “I stink. I got sprayed by a skunk this afternoon and I’m completely repulsive to the whole world. Haven’t you noticed how people are looking at me? They even kicked me out of the restaurant.”

Carolyn laughed.

“It’s not funny,” complained Danny.

“Yes it is,” said Carolyn.

“Now who’s being mean?”

“I’m so relieved. I thought you found out about me and were making fun of me. Danny, I have no sense of taste or smell. I never have,” explained Carolyn.

“So the skunk?”

“I have no idea what a skunk even smells like,” said Carolyn.

Danny was so relieved, he laughed. It was at that moment he knew Carolyn was the one for him.

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