Show and Tell


“Check out my new watch,” Dylan announced to Brandon, his brother. Dylan stuck out his arm to show off the hideous bright yellow plastic time piece.

“Very nice,” Brandon lied. Over the years Brandon learned it was easier to appease Dylan than risk another of Dylan’s moods. “The time is wrong.”

Dylan looked at his new prized possession. “I don’t know how to set the time.”

“What do the instructions say?”

“It didn’t come with instructions.”


“I bought it at that discount place. It was a great deal. I have no idea how to work this thing,” laughed Dylan.

Brandon hesitated. Wisdom dictated he keep his mouth shut, but curiosity and incredulity overwhelmed any hope of a positive end to this conversation.

“What made you think that was a good idea? I mean, why waste your money? It doesn’t make sense. How much did you pay? Seriously, how much did you pay?”

“Forty dollars,” said Dylan.

“Forty dollars! You wasted forty dollars on what amounts to an ugly plastic bracelet. What were you thinking? You’re so stupid sometimes.”

Dylan pulled out his phone and started typing.

“Don’t text-block me!”

“I’m not. I’m ignoring you,” said Dylan.

Brandon seethed. “For once in your pathetic life, listen to me…”

Dylan held the phone up to Brandon.

“What?” demanded Brandon.

“Read it,” said Dylan, calmly.

Brandon squinted as he read. “Instructions.”

“For my new watch. They’re posted on this thing called the internet. You should check it out some time,” said Dylan.

“How was I supposed to know they were online?”

“You never gave me a chance to tell you. But that’s no surprise, is it? You’re always shooting your mouth off,” said Dylan. “You know, the next time you jump to conclusions, grab a parachute.”


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4 Responses to Show and Tell

  1. bernquist says:

    I need that watch! And a parachute.

  2. Tony Trudgian says:

    I’d better “watch” what I comment!!!!

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