The Philosophy of Feminine Hygiene Product Commercials


Violet got inspired by a feminine hygiene commercial. It was one that encouraged middle aged women to live their dreams courageously. That philosophy combined with years of public schooling that taught her she could do anything if she believed in herself, and Violet was brimming with self-confidence.

The adventure she chose to pursue was her childhood dream of becoming a ballerina. She signed herself up in the beginner’s class at La Petite Princess Dance School.

On a bright Saturday morning, Violet arrived at ballet class. She found herself among twenty-five 6 year olds.

“Which one is yours?” asked a woman her age. “Mine is the one in the polka dot tights.”

Thoughts raced through Violet’s head. The one thing she could not do, under any circumstances, was tell the truth. She frantically looked around the room for a child she might claim as her own. Mainly, however, she was relieved the sweatpants she was wearing covered her matching polka dot tights.

“Do you remember doing this as a little girl?” asked the mother. “It sure brings back memories.”

“Yeah,” laughed Violet, self-consciously.

“I guess now we have to live our ballerina dreams vicariously through our children,” added the mother.

“I guess.”

“Could you imagine doing these moves now? Plié, elevé, passé, épaulé. I’d do some serious damage if I tried that now,” laughed the mother.

“Yeah, me too,” said Violet, sadly.

Violet blushed and slipped out the door when no one was looking. That was the last time she’d heed the philosophy of feminine hygiene products. But the more she thought about it, she was also disillusioned with her public school education.

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5 Responses to The Philosophy of Feminine Hygiene Product Commercials

  1. Tony Trudgian says:

    My wife said that her mother would roll over in her grave if she could see Nadia Comancie, in her white tights, prancing across the balance beam, advertising feminine hygiene products!

  2. natashaski says:

    Oh-no! How sad! I want to push your character right back into that room to do pliés with the 6-year olds! The little girls will be so excited to teach an adult what to do!

    I love “and Violet was brimming with self-confidence.”

    • vanyieck says:

      I think a lot adults aren’t brave enough to relive their childhood. Others just aren’t limber enough!

      • natashaski says:

        But your character was at least going to give it a try! I’m a little disappointed in her. Haha
        Maybe she will follow though with her next great idea! 🙂

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