Medical Humour


The problem started as a small purple dot on the back of Kelly’s left hand. Within a month, it looked like a mole. Kelly went to the pharmacy, hoping to discover a way to remove it. That only made things worse. It started to bleed. And grow.

The more it grew, the more it bled. The last thing a twenty-three year old paramedic needed was a hideous looking open wound on the back of her hand.

The epidemiologist diagnosed her growth as a pyrogenic granuloma, a common condition and simple to treat. She watched in fascination as the doctor snipped off the growth and cauterized the wound.

“It was cool,” Kelly concluded, as she related her experience to the others at work.

“Technically speaking, cautery is hot,” said Eugene.

Kelly rolled her eyes. “I meant the whole procedure.”

Eugene shrugged. “Just sayin’.”

“Did you get a whiff of your own burning flesh?” asked Brandy.

“Yeah. I liked the smell. It was sweet,” said Kelly.

“Really?” asked Eugene.

“I learned something about myself today,” said Kelly, reflectively. “I’d be tasty on the barbecue.”

“Yum,” said Eugene.

“I’ll keep that in mind next summer,” said Brandy.


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