An Important Anniversary


Juan fumed. “I can’t believe I forgot.”

“What’s wrong?”

Juan looked at Greg with horror in his eyes. “I missed it.”

“What?” asked Greg. He was suddenly afraid for his friend.

“Do you know what Sunday was?”

Greg thought for a second. “July 5th.”

“Yes, and?”

“The day after the Fourth of July?”


Greg could feel his face flush. He hated feeling stupid. “Just tell me.”

“It was the seventy-eighth anniversary of Spam,” said Juan. “I can’t believe you didn’t know that.”

“That’s because it’s not important,” snapped Greg.

“Of course it is. Think about it. Spam is the great American food. It was developed during the Great Depression. It was an essential part of surviving World War Two. It’s a national institution,” said Juan.

“And it’s disgusting.”

“It’s ingenious. Elegant, even.”

“It’s processed meat in a can. It probably destroys your insides,” said Greg.

Juan shook his head. “Some people have no appreciation of history.”

“No,” said Greg. “Some people just want to eat real food.”


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