Improvements to Shark Week


“Have you been watching Shark Week?” asked Horst.

“Nah. I’m boycotting it,” replied Blair.

“Why, because it’s sharksist?” asked Horst.

“I hate all the fake tension they create. As though any of those people are in actual danger. I’m boycotting it until they actually show someone get eaten,” laughed Blair.

“Ha! But I love the fake tension they make. I wonder if narrators know how silly they sound.”

“What kills me are the huge tags they put on the sharks. They’re huge! I wonder if other sharks make fun of the tagged ones, like- Hey Hal! You got caught? What a loser,” said Blair.

“Scientists could be contributing to shark bullying.”

“Yeah. Selfish scientists. They don’t care about the shark’s feelings.”

“Only about their precious funding,” said Horst.

“And next year’s Shark Week.”

“That’s why they should level the playing field.”

“Give the sharks a chance to tag the scientists,” said Blair.

“That would look awesome. Geeks walking around their colleges with hugs tags around their necks.”

“Then they’d know how the shark feels.”

“You know, we should plan Shark Week. It would be awesome,” said Horst.

“So awesome. After all, sharks impact my life on a daily basis.”

“Yeah, living in the middle of the Prairies,” said Horst.



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