Linguistics and Other Nonverbal Communication

Pico de Gallo 800 1312

Marvin and Julietta sat across from each other at El Burro restaurant. It was their first date. They nervously looked over the menus.

“This all looks so good,” said Julietta.

“Yeah,” said Marvin.

“Uh huh,” said Julietta.

The waitress approached the table. “Have you decided?” she asked pleasantly.

Marvin nodded at Julietta. “Ladies first.”

Julietta smiled. “I’ll have the carne guisada, please.”

“Excellent,” said the waitress as she wrote on her notepad. “And for you sir?”

Marvin hummed and hawed. “I’ll start with chips and rooster’s beak, then a bowl of often.”

The waitress was dumbfounded. “Excuse me?”

Julietta leaned forward. “I think he means pico de gallo and menudo.”

“Oh,” said the waitress. “Is that what you meant?”

“Yes, thank you.”

The waitress left the two alone at the table in awkward silence.

“Uh, so, you speak Spanish?” asked Julietta.

“Not really,” said Marvin.

“I don’t understand. The food you ordered we English translations of Spanish words.”

Marvin blushed. “Yeah, I thought it would be funny to do that. I looked them up on Google translate.”


“I mean, don’t you find it interesting how words translate? I’ve eaten pico de gallo for years, but never knew what it really meant. And menudo. Who’d guess it means ‘often’?”

“I hadn’t thought of it before,” said Julietta.

“Language is a funny thing,” mused Marvin.

“Do you mean Spanish?”

“Just language in general. Everyone has it’s peculiarities. It’s so often they don’t translate well,” said Marvin.

“So, you have an interest in linguistics?”

“Not exactly,” said Marvin. “I just thought it would make interesting dinner conversation.”

Julietta looked carefully at Marvin. At least he’s good looking, she thought. “You pre-prepared dinner topics?”

Marvin blushed. “I guess I’m not very good at conversation,” he confessed.

“That’s okay. You’d doing just fine.”

“You find my topic interesting?” asked Marvin hopefully.

Julietta laughed. “Not at all. But you’re good looking, and I didn’t go out with you because you’re smart.”

Marvin smiled. “I’ll take what I can get.”

Julietta winked. “You certainly will.”

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