Fear Of Missing Out


Philip Ferrier walked from Human Resources to the top floor of the Bream Building. He knocked on the door frame and looked in on his boss, George Bliss.

“Come in, Phil,” said George.

Philip held up a letter without saying a word.

“Why do I already regret inviting you into my office?”

“It’s a letter from a psychologist. It’s about Ross Gross,” said Philip.

“A doctor’s note?”

“Apparently our Mr. Gross suffers from a condition called FOMO,” explained Philip. He handed the letter to George.


“It’s the latest millennial affliction.”

George read the letter with eyebrows raised. “The fear of missing out.”

“Dr. Jeffrey Russell explains that our Mr. Gross developed his anxiety from looking at social media with all the exciting things his friends post. He feels like he’s missing out,” said Philip.

George sighed. “Why does no one feel like their missing out on work?”

Philip watched in silence as George read. After a few seconds he said, “You know what I think?”

“That he should stop looking at social media?”

“Be careful. You don’t want to be labeled fomophobic. Dr. Russell mentions that in the second last paragraph.”

“Let me guess. It would hurt his feelings,” snapped George.

Philip ignored the comment. “This is a byproduct of YOLO.”

George shook his head. “What’s with all these acronyms? In English, please.”

“It stands for ‘you only live once’. It means you have to pack as much living into the life you’ve got.”

George dropped the letter on his desk. “If that’s true, then why waste so much time on the computer envying other people’s lives? It’s insane.”

Philip shrugged. “That’s why it’s a legitimate condition.”

George rubbed his eyes. “You know what I’m missing out on? A world that makes sense.”

Philip chuckled as he walked away.


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5 Responses to Fear Of Missing Out

  1. Pat says:

    How very true. I have seen people get very upset about being unfriended on facebook

  2. Tony Trudgian says:

    I don’t miss my cellphone anymore and I never had Facebook, so I have F.O.M.O, ‘The fear of missing objects!” LOL

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