Question Everything


At the end of his lecture, Dr. Irwin approached Allen.

“Mr. Milo, do have a minute?”

Allen Milo and Dr. Irwin stepped aside. “Sure,” said Allen Milo.

Dr. Irwin held up a paper. “I just want to confirm this is your paper.”

Allen looked at the title page. “Yes, Dr. Irwin.”

Dr. Irwin looked at Allen over her glasses, then flipped through the pages. “You allege the Middle Ages never happened and that we’re currently living in the 1500s.”

“It’s a bit daring, but I think I made a compelling case,” said Allen.

“Mr. Milo, this is a history class studying the Middle Ages. I have spent my entire career researching the subject.”

“So you say. Haven’t you said we’re supposed to question everything? It’s all I hear from you professors.”

“Yes, but that didn’t mean what I teach,” said Dr. Irwin.

“What makes you so special?”

“Why would I deceive thousands of young adults?”

“Power and control. Follow the money. How much does this university have in endowments? That doesn’t even begin to say how much influence you’ve had ideologically with thousands of young, eager minds,” said Allen.

Dr. Irwin’s face reddened. “You have a lot of gall.”

“Let me ask you, Dr. Irwin. Is the Bible true?”

“Of course not,” snapped Dr. Irwin.


“It was written by the church to influence and dominate the masses. Fortunately we’ve moved beyond those archaic ideologies,” huffed Dr. Irwin.

Allen smiled. “Now it’s time to move beyond yours.”

Dr. Irwin crossed her arms. “That doesn’t mean you’ll pass this class. You won’t graduate and you’ll become just another obscure fanatic.”

Allen shook his head at his professor. “It’s already been posted online. It’s been published and republished sixty-seven times. The world you know is antiquated. I don’t need your approval. Or your degree.”

Dr. Irwin’s eyes flared.

“Dr. Irwin? Question everything.”


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