The Modern Day PT Barnum


Cutler shuffled the deck of cards, then handed it to Boone.

“Take a card, memorize it, then put it back in the deck,” said Cutler.

Boone followed Cutler’s instructions, then handed back the deck.

“I figured out who Donald Trump really is,” explained Cutler, as he reshuffled the cards.

“Yeah? Who?”

“He’s the modern PT Barnum.”

“Who’s that?” asked Boone.

“He was a circus owner and entertainer a hundred and fifty years ago. He said ‘there’s a sucker born every minute’,” said Cutler.

“You think people who like Trump are suckers?”

Cutler chuckled. “Absolutely. In his campaign for president, what’s he done or said to justify anybody’s belief in him?”

“He said America would be great again,” said Boone.

“But has he explained how we’ll do it?”

“Not that I’ve heard.”

“He says just enough to string people along. It’s like ‘ole PT Barnum said, ‘always keep the people wanting more’. See what I mean? Trump is the quintessential showman.”

“Okay, but why? What’s in it for him?”

“Fame, power, glory, money. All of the above,” explained Cutler.

“People will eventually see through that,” said Boone.

Cutler shook his had. “No they won’t. They’re too busy being entertained to care. It’s the ultimate misdirection.”

“I don’t know. People are smarter than that.”

“If you say so,” said Cutler. He held up the ten of clubs. “Is this your card?”

Boone smiled. “Nope. Better do a little more practicing.”

“Huh,” said Cutler. “Anyway, here’s your watch back.”

Boone’s jaw dropped as Cutler handed back his wristwatch. “How’d you do that?”

Cutler smiled.


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