Apple Picking


George and Eliza called everyone together in the living room for a family meeting.

“Why are you calling us so early?” moaned Darcy, their fifteen year old daughter.

“It’s ten o’clock,” said Eliza.

“It’s Saturday. That’s like 6 AM on a weekday,” said Darcy as she plopped herself on the couch.

“Where’s your brother?” asked George.

“He was in his room watching Youtube on his iPad the last I saw,” said Darcy. “Don’t wait for him. Can we get on with this?”

“Fine. Your father and I have decided that we’re going to do something fun as a family.”

Darcy remained silent, but her eyes filled with terror.

“We’re going apple picking,” said George, just as Colton entered the room.

“We’re going to the Apple Store? Awesome,” said Colton.

“Not to the Apple Store. Apple picking,” clarified Eliza.

Their twelve year old son looked confused. “You called us all together to tell us we’re going to the grocery store?”

“No, Colton. We’re going to where apples come from,” said George.

“Isn’t that what I said?” asked Colton.

“They mean an apple orchard, moron,” said Darcy.

“Darcy, watch your mouth,” snapped Eliza.

Colton sneered back at his older sister.

“Why are we going there?” moaned Darcy.

“We’re gonna pick our own apples, as a family,” said George.

“Don’t they pay people to do that?” asked Colton.

“Yes, but today we’re going do it,” said Eliza.

“So we’re like, stealing somebody’s job. That’s not right,” said Darcy.

“Are they gonna pay us?” asked Colton.

“We’re not getting paid. We’re doing it to learn about where our food comes from and bond as a family,” said Eliza.

“I think we’d bond more going to the Apple Store,” reasoned Colton.

Darcy rolled her eyes. “What’ll we do next, slaughter a cow?”

“We can do that? Awesome! Let’s do that instead,” said Colton.

“We’re not slaughtering anything. We’re just picking apples,” argued Eliza.

Darcy sighed loudly.

“We’re going apple picking. This isn’t a discussion, it’s an announcement,” declared George.

Darcy crossed her arms and glared at her dad. “It must be nice to be King.”

George chuckled. “You have no idea. Someday you’ll have your own prince and princess. I just pray I’m alive long enough to see it.”


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2 Responses to Apple Picking

  1. Tony Trudgian says:

    Some days you just wish you hadn’t open your mouth to begin with!

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