The Voyeuristic Public Service Post


As Brad and Lexie sat in traffic, Lexie looked out the window of their car and gagged. Brad looked over from the driver’s seat.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“I just saw a woman pop a zit in her rearview mirror. It was so gross, I gotta tweet it out,” she said as she pulled out her phone.

“I’ve seen worse,” said Brad.

“I saw zit juice hit the inside of her windshield.”

Brad laughed. “Okay, that’s nasty. I remember watching a guy pick his nose. He dug so much out he surprised himself. The look on his face was priceless.”

“Why do people think they can do anything they want in their cars?”

“It’s like they forget they’re surrounded by windows.”

“There’s no privacy,” said Lexie.

“Maybe people don’t care about privacy anymore,” mused Brad.

“I don’t think so. I think people care about privacy more than ever.”

“Says the girl who posts her entire life on social media,” said Brad.

“That’s different. I only post important stuff,” replied Lexie.

“What about the time you posted the picture of your toenail fungus?”

Lexie turned away from Brad and looked out the window. “I’ll have you know that was a public service.”

“I’m sure.”

“Totally. I was sharing the dangers of going without flip flops at a public pool,” said Lexie.

“I wish I were so heroic,” sniped Brad.

Lexie looked into the cars around her. “Dare to dream.”


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There is nothing about me that is more interesting than you. I am a man. I have a wife and family. I have a career. I have two dogs. I
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4 Responses to The Voyeuristic Public Service Post

  1. Pat says:

    Some things seem soooooooooo important at the time.

  2. Tony Trudgian says:

    You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends; but you can’t pick your relatives! God love em!

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