It was a momentary lapse. A split second in time. Ian had just time enough to say, “Oh no,” as he watched his mom’s favorite Hummel figurine fall from the table and smash on the hardwood floor.

Ian looked around, just to make sure he was alone. Princess the cat wandered into the living room to invest the commotion. From upstairs he heard his mom yell, “What was that?”

He only had seconds to spare. Ian swept the cat up in his arms. Princess hissed at the sudden assault. He threw her onto the table and ran into the kitchen. Ian’s heart pounded in his ears.

He waited.

“Princess, what have you done?” shrieked Ian’s mom.

That was his cue. “What’s wrong mom?” he asked as he made his entrance.

“Princess destroyed my Learning to Share Hummel! It’s irreplaceable,” cried Ian’s mom. Tears were running down her cheeks.

“Stupid cat,” shouted Ian.

His mom knelt on the floor amidst the shattered remnants of her prized possession. Her whole body heaved as she sobbed.

Ian stood motionless. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

“Why? It’s not your fault,” replied his mom. In fury she picked up a piece of broken figurine and hurled it at Princess. It caught the cat squarely in the head. “You worthless fleabag,” she screamed. She cursed as the cat ran for cover. A trail of blood follow Princess into the hall.

“Mom, you hurt her,” said Ian. He ran into the hall and picked up Princess. The cat stared at him with her haunting green eyes.

“I’m sorry,” whispered Ian. “But better you than me. I’ll make it up to you, promise.”

Princess responded by snuggling in Ian’s arms.

“Stop doing that. This is the part when you claw my eyes out,” said Ian. Pangs of guilt gnawed at his stomach. She started purring. Blood from her wound stained his shirt.

That was the moment Ian became a cat person.

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6 Responses to Self-Preservation

  1. kkessler833 says:

    Great post and fantastic photograph!

  2. Pat says:

    Very touching story. I can not see that changing some people’s opinion of cats though.

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