Beyond Her Years


Olivia pounced when she discovered Chelsea in the high school library.

“Wanna know the definition of sad?” asked Olivia.

“What?” asked Chelsea. She was eager for an excuse to break from studying.

“An old man making a website. That’s what my dad was doing last night. It was hilarious,” laughed Olivia.


“He totally didn’t know what he was doing. It took hours just to make the homepage.”

Chelsea wrinkled her nose. “That’s not sad. I applaud his effort at being technologically relevant.”

Olivia looked disgusted. “That’s weird. Why would you say that?”

“Some day we’ll be in the same boat as your dad. I only hope I’ll have the same initiative he has.”

“Ew. I don’t even know you anymore,” scoffed Olivia.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“We’re supposed to make fun of old people. That’s what young people do.”

Chelsea folded her hands and placed them on the table. “I don’t think so.”

“Yes, because they’re backward. Irrelevant. Obsolete, even,” whined Olivia. “We’re the future, not them.”

“Only until the next generation comes along. Then we’re obsolete,” reasoned Chelsea.

Olivia pouted. “That’s never gonna happen.”

“Of course it will. It’s inevitable.”

“You’re such a downer,” said Olivia.

“Actually, I feel good.”


“Thanks to you, I think I finally get it. We aren’t the future any more than our parents are the past. We’re in the present, together. I think life is easier if we learn to enjoy each other,” explained Chelsea.

Olivia rolled her eyes and sighed. “Preach much?”

Chelsea smiled. “Don’t hate me for being wise beyond my years.”


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2 Responses to Beyond Her Years

  1. Pat says:

    Sometimes one of them gets it. I think it is wonderful to actually see the light go on.

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