A Milennial New Years Resolution


The party counted down the last ten seconds to the New Year. When they hit zero the room erupted in cheers.

Cassidy was already in an advanced state of celebration. “Happy New Year!” he shouted to his Aunts Steph and Ainsley and Uncle John.

“Hey, Cass. What’s your new years resolution?” asked Uncle Jim.

“My what?”

“Your new year resolution. What are you going to change about yourself this year?” explained Aunt Ainsley.

Cassidy’s face turned sour. “Why should I need to change? I’m awesome. The world’s a disaster. That’s what needs to change.”

Aunt Steph chuckled. “If you improve something about yourself it helps the whole world. If we all commit to it, think what the world would be like.”

The four stared at each other as they let Steph’s words sink in.

“That’s stupid,” spat Cassidy. “That might be true for all you old people, but you screwed up the world in the first place. If anyone needs to change it’s you.”

“I’m not that old,” grumbled Aunt Ainsley.

“We’re all in this together,” said Uncle Jim.

Cassidy shrugged him off. “Whatever. You’re the problem, I’m the solution. Let’s hear it for the milennials! Whoot! Whoot!” yelled Cassidy as he went to refill his drink.

Aunt Steph and Uncle Jim stared blankly as they watched Cassidy stumble over a chair.

“Well, he’s partly right,” said Aunt Steph. “We’re the ones who raised a generation of spoiled morons.”


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4 Responses to A Milennial New Years Resolution

  1. Pat says:

    That is so true. I just love the spoiled morons but would like to hit a few of them though. Maybe shake up a few brain cells. Ha!!!!!!!!! Ha!!!!!!!

  2. Reblogged this on marleneenterprises and commented:
    Spoiled Morons is right!!!!

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