The Surprise- The Man Who Declared Himself Emperor


Clement entered his apartment to discover Becky singing in the kitchen. When she heard the door close, she stuck her head in the foyer.

“Hello, Honey. How was your day?” She had a lilt in her voice.

“It was interesting,” replied Clement.

“I want to hear all about it, but first I have news. Big news.”

Clement’s eyes grew big and he grabbed her shoulders. “You’re pregnant.”

Becky slapped him across the face. Hard. “What’s the matter with you?” yelled Becky.

“You said it was big news,” said Clement, rubbing his jaw.

“I got a job.”

Clement thought about saying something, but stopped himself.

“It’s a Regal Trust Bank. Isn’t that great?”

“I’m not sure. Is it?” asked Clement.

Becky glared at Clement. “It’s fabulous. We can save more money faster so we can move to the suburbs.”

“Do people still do that?”

“What’re you talking about? It’s our dream, remember?”

“I thought your dream was to stay home, be a mom,” said Clement. He took a step back just in case he incurred another slap.

Instead, Becky smiled. “Eventually, yes. But we have to build to a point where we can do that. The city’s great, but it’s not a place to raise a family.”

Clement was still at a loss for words. He figured it was safer that way.

“You can be so silly sometimes,” said Becky. She kissed the cheek she slapped. “In the meantime, you’re gonna have to start picking up the slack around here.”


“Dishes. Cleaning. Laundry.”

“I do laundry,” said Clement.

“You move one load from the washer to the dryer and you act like some kind of hero,” chided Becky.

“I’m not that bad,” grumbled Clement.

“I know,” condescended Becky. “You’re just a man, that’s all.”

Clement scowled. “A man you willingly married.”

Becky winked. “I didn’t say you weren’t sexy.”


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