A Series of Unfortunate Events


A crowd hovered around Colton when he regained consciousness. He ached all over. The halo of unfamiliar faces brought a shock of anxiety. A few were recording him with their smart phones.

“What happened?” he asked.

“You don’t know?” answered an indiscriminate voice.

Another voice snapped, “Give him room.”

When Colton sat up, several hands reached down and grabbed his arm.

“No. Don’t get up. You might have a concussion.”

“Did he even hit his head?”

“Let me play back the video.”

“Don’t bother. I pulled it up on Youtube.”

“What happened?” asked Colton again.

“You had an accident,” replied a woman.

“I was walking,” recalled Colton.

“It was spectacular,” said a man.

“It’s already trending,” added another.

“What is?” asked Colton.

Someone shoved a screen in his face. Colton watched himself texting as he walked down the street. He never even saw the pole he hit.

“That’s embarrassing,” said Colton.

“Keep watching,” said the guy holding the phone.

A four propeller drone swooped into the picture. It collided with the sign at the top of the pole and crashed on top of Colton’s head, knocking him unconscious.

“That explains everything,” concluded Colton.

“Did he get to the part with the bear?” asked someone.


A black bear skulked out from behind a bush and started sniffing Colton.

“Good thing you were already playing dead, eh?”

“Where’d that thing come from,” demanded Colton, “and why is it smelling my crotch?”

Without warning, the bear reared onto it’s hind legs, then collapsed on Colton.

“That’s gotta hurt,” laughed the guy holding the phone.

Three men entered the video. One was carrying a rifle.

“Hunters?” asked Colton.

“Veterinarians from the zoo, I think. I’m not really sure,” explained the guy holding the phone.

Two of the men dragged the bear off Colton while the third grabbed the drone. They all went in the back of a pickup truck and disappeared.

“They didn’t help me or anything. Hey, wait a minute. Where were you when all this was going on?” Colton asked the guy with the phone.

“Capturing the whole thing on video. Who’d believe it if I didn’t?”

“I could’ve died,” accused Colton.

“Sure,” said the guy with the phone, “but what a way to go.”

That was the day Colton decided to move to another city.

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2 Responses to A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. Anthony Trudgian says:

    Wow and I thought it was just me living in Hamilton,that saw things like that.

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