Enlightened Scholarship


“I assume everyone here believes in evolution,” said Dr. Alisch with a flourish of his hand. It was the first day of college and everyone was desperately trying to avoid eye contact with the professor.

Levi gulped hard. He wasn’t blessed with a good poker face. Dr. Alisch noticed him immediately, and pounced.

“Do you believe in evolution?” he asked his terrified pupil.

Levi’s face flushed as he felt all eyes focus on him. “I believe in a form of evolution,” he stammered.

Dr. Alisch raised an eyebrow. “Do you? Please explain.”

“Well,” began Levi, wiping sweat from his brow, “Consider that a growing number of students can’t locate their country on a world map and that most people don’t have any basic survival skills whatsoever. I’d even add that basic grammar, spelling and general communication of the millennial generation is atrocious.”

Dr. Alisch sneered at his new student. “What does that have to do with evolution?”

“Actually, I’m more an advocate of de-evolution. Society is getting more stupid,” announced Levi.

The room erupted in hushed murmurs. Dr. Alisch leaned against his desk and considered Levi’s declaration. He slowly nodded his head.

“I think you may be on to something,” said the professor. “Have you considered graduate school?”


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