Organic Tattoos


“So the other day I was at the health food store, right?”

Drew didn’t even turn around from his desk. There was only one person who started conversations that way.

Ethan didn’t wait for a response. “I see this girl with sleeve tattoos. I think to myself, why would you care so much about what you put into your body that you shop at the health food store, but not worry about the chemicals you jammed under your skin?”

It was a question that made Drew stop what he was doing and think. That was an unusual outcome of Ethan’s questions.

“Maybe they’re organic,” suggested Drew.

Ethan clapped his hands. “That’s exactly my point. These are the kinda people who research ingredients to make sure they’re organic, free trade, pesticide and cruelty free, but maybe tattoo ink is organic?” He stressed the word ‘maybe’.

It was at this moment Drew realized how annoying Ethan could be when he actually had a good question.

“I dunno. Ask somebody with tattoos,” Drew said.

“I did. I asked the girl with the sleeve tattoos. She shot me with pepper spray and I got banned from the store.”

“I woulda paid ten bucks to see that,” Drew thought out loud.

“It’s on Youtube. Someone caught the whole thing on video. Wanna see?” asked Ethan.

“Absolutely,” said Drew. Drew spun around and faced Ethan for the first time. There stood Ethan, his face bright red and tears flowing from his eyes.

“When did this happen to you?” asked Drew.

“Ten minutes ago.”

“Shouldn’t you go to the hospital or something?”

“Nah,” said Ethan. “The girl told me the pepper spray is organic, free trade, pesticide and cruelty free, so I’m good.”


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6 Responses to Organic Tattoos

  1. Tony Trudgian says:

    Wow! Sometimes ya just have to take one for being over curious.

  2. Pat says:

    I wish I could have been there. What a sight that would have been.

  3. cat9984 says:

    Did you write this just so you could post a picture of that girl’s chest? 🙂

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