Sarcasm Font


“There needs to be a sarcasm font,” Ross finally announced. He’d been standing over Horatio, waiting for him to stop working, but grew impatient.

Horatio looked up from his computer screen. “What?”

“There needs to be a font that’s universally understood to be sarcasm.”

“Right. Thanks for sharing,” said Horatio. He resumed his work.

“I posted a comment on Facebook and people blew up. They totally took me seriously.”

Horatio glared up at Ross. “I have no idea why anyone would ever take you seriously.”

“I know, right? People got really mad. A few even unfriended me,” explained Ross.

A sigh crossed Horatio’s lips.

“It was a joke about environmentalists. It was clever, too.”

“If I have a nickel for every environmental joke I knew…” said Horatio.

“They have no sense of humour.”

“Do ya think?”

Ross smacked Horatio on the shoulder. “That’s why I want a sarcasm font, so people know how funny I am.”

Horatio looked up at Ross. “I don’t know if that would help.”

“You’re right,” said Ross. “Some people are just clueless.”

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2 Responses to Sarcasm Font

  1. LtDemonLord says:

    He needs a sarcasm font for real life.

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