Bat Attack


“It’s a bat! It’s a bat!”

Dave woke from a dead sleep with those words ringing in his ears.

Beside the bed Jacqueline was covering her head with a blanket. “Is it in my hair?”

“Crap,” said Dave. He turned on the light just in time to see something swoop through the room and down the hall.

“Where is it?” asked Jacqueline.

“It’s in the hall.” He desperately wished it would go away by itself. The bat flew to the door of his daughter’s bedroom and turned back toward him. It made another lap of his room and back down the hall.

“Wait here.” He grabbed a baseball bat and closed the door behind him.

“No problem,” said Jacqueline.

Dave swung wildly at the bat, smashing the hallway lamp shade. Shards of glass landed all around his bare feet. “Great,” he mumbled.

“What was that?” asked Jacqueline.

“There’s glass everywhere.”

“Did the bat do that?”

“Yes,” said Dave. The bat continued making circles around his head.


“No. That was me. Can you bring me my slippers?”

“Now? Is the bat gone?”


“Can you do without? I don’t wanna come out there,” said Jacqueline.

“I don’t want to cut my feet. Just throw them to me.”

From the behind the door Dave heard a huff. “Fine,” said Jacqueline. A few seconds later two slippers were hurled in Dave’s direction. Dave caught one of them. The other flew past his head just as the bat swerved. The two collided and the bat tumbled to the floor.
“You hit it,” said Dave.

“What?” asked Jacqueline.

“I need a towel,” said Dave. He hopped to the bathroom on one foot.

At that moment, his daughter Becky opened her door, wiping sleep from her eyes. She watched her dad grab a towel, hop down the hall on one foot and throw the towel on the floor.

“I caught it!” he proclaimed.

“You did? Yeah!” cheered Jacqueline. She threw open the door and ran into the hall. Her cheers turned to horror as her bare feet met shards of glass. “Ow! Ow! Ow!”

Dave couldn’t decided if he should grab the bat wrapped in the towel or help his wife. He stumbled forward and collided with Jacqueline. They both crashed to the floor.

Becky watched her parents, writhing on the floor. The bat crawled out of the towel and took to the air. It made laps around the heads of the wounded parents. She took a step back in her room. “This house is so weird.”


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