The Special Sense


“Do you actually believe there is a God?”

The question lingered in the room as all eyes fixed on Horatius. He shrugged it off and said, “Yeah. Why wouldn’t I?”

The others cackled and chortled.

“Because there’s no evidence to suggest God exists. I don’t see any,” said Drew.

Horatius sat up in his chair. “I have a theory about that.”

“Alright, let’s hear it,” said Janet.

Instead of speaking right away, Horatius paused to choose his words carefully. “Not all people are born with the ability to sense God,” he said.

“A sixth sense? C’mon,” said Drew.

“Call it whatever you want. It’s like any other sense. Some people have the ability to taste and hear, some don’t,” explained Horatius.

There was an awkward silence as people stared at each other incredulously.

“So why hasn’t science discovered this sense?” demanded Janet.

“Why are all scientists atheist?” added Drew.

“Actually, those questions are related,” said Horatius. “I think universities are like monasteries for atheists. It’s where they gather to explain things they can’t remotely comprehend. And why haven’s scientists discovered ‘God-sense’? Probably because they don’t even know what they’re looking for. Like a blind man trying to discover colour.”

Drew’s face burned red and his eyes flared. Janet held him at bay. “Wait. Let’s assume for a second that God is real. Why would he or she not give this special sense to everyone? That’s not exactly fair, is it?”

“Maybe, maybe not. That’s what faith is for. You have to trust people who have God-sense. It’s really no different than placing your trust in a surgeon to save your life or an engineer to build things safely,” said Horatius.

Drew couldn’t contain his rage any longer. “You may have this God-sense, but you don’t have enough sense to understand that no one likes you.”

Horatius blushed. “Well, you know what they say, ignorance is bliss.”


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