Essentials For Urban Survival


“Whatcha doin’?” asked Tyler. He walked in to find Sabine packing a box.

“I’m making a survival package for Carson,” replied Sabine. She carefully placed underwear beside a multipack of deodorant in the box.

“You’ve covered most of the essentials, I see,” said Tyler.

Sabine smiled. She reached in her purse and pulled out a stack of ATM receipts. Wrapping an elastic around them, she tucked them between packages of instant noodles.

“What’re those for?” asked Tyler.


“What kind of emergencies need ATM receipts?” asked Tyler.

“Haven’t you ever found yourself without toilet paper?”

“You gotta be kidding,” said Tyler.

“What would you do?” demanded Sabine.

Tyler scoffed. “I use my hand like every other guy.”

“That’s disgusting!”

“Hey, hands wash. Who knows what ink and diseases you’re leaving behind with those receipts,” said Tyler.

Sabine cringed. “I can’t believe we’re talking about this.”

“You brought it up.”

Sabine stopped packing and put her hands on her hips. “No I didn’t. You did.”

“Oh, right.”

The two stood in uncomfortable silence for a minute.

“Anyway, survival is rough. You have to be resourceful,” said Sabine.

“Not to mention brave,” added Tyler.

“That’s right,” said Sabine. “Especially in the civilized world.”


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