The Alert Man


The rush hour bus was standing room only. Gavin clung to the overhead metal bar. He was noticed he was the only one looking around. Everyone else had their eyes glued to their cell phones.

Gavin’s thoughts drifted to when he was a child and his mother would chastise him for sitting too close to the TV.

“It’ll hurt your eyes,” she’d say.

With the development of the smart phone, everyone had their face dangerously close to a screen, he thought. Then again, people used to worry that cell phones caused brain cancer. He didn’t hear about that any more, either.

Gavin looked over the shoulder of a lady standing beside him. She was busy playing a game. I wonder what people used to do before video games, he thought. He was old enough to remember ‘Pong’. Back in those days he used to play outside and climb trees. Gavin couldn’t remember the last time he saw a child climb a tree. Maybe it’s too dangerous. Does it mean his parents didn’t care about him that they let him do dangerous things? He made a mental note to ask his parents about that later.

At that moment, the bus lurched to a sudden stop. The crowd of unsuspecting passengers crashed forward. People sprawled on top of each other. Only Gavin was alert enough to stay upright.

On young woman asked, “What happened?”

A young man complained, “They should make an app to warn you when the bus is gonna stop so fast.”

Others grumbled as they regained their feet. Within seconds they were all focused back on their screens.

Gavin shook his head in disbelief. No wonder we’re so surprised by they future, he thought. We’re easy targets.


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10 Responses to The Alert Man

  1. Tony Trudgian says:

  2. Pat says:

    Oh goodness, truer words I have not heard since Sunday. It is a scary world out there.

  3. misskzebra says:

    I actually lost access to my phone for a couple of days this week, and it was funny how I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would.

  4. maybe there were all engrossed in Leviticus

  5. cat9984 says:

    I am one of those uncaring parents who let their kids play outdoors and climb trees and stuff. They’re 20 and 21 now. I’m expecting the bad results to kick in any day now.

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