The Mothers of Millenials



“Guess what Carson did.”

It was the kind of statement Rachel hated. The bright look in Jamie’s eyes meant she was about to regain Rachel with her adult son’s latest achievement.

“I dunno,” said Rachel. “Was it a felony?”

Jamie laughed. “No silly, He dropped out of university.”

“Too tough for him?”

“You are so funny,” Jamie giggled. “He made a courageous decision.”

Rachel rolled her eyes. “What? To live in his parent’s basement?”

“He has a plan. University isn’t the path to success it once was.”

The insight startled Rachel. “What actually makes sense.”

“Of course it does,” chided Jamie. “My Carson is wise beyond his years.”

Rachel sighed. “So what’s your little sage going to do?”

“He’s going to be a buffalo rancher! Isn’t that exciting?” announced Jamie, with a quiver in her voice.

It was as though Rachel heard a foreign language. “I’m sorry. Say that again?”

“Buffalos. Carson’s going to start his own ranch. Amazing, right?”

She struggled for something to say. “Maybe,” said Rachel.

All the joy drained from Jamie’s face. “Why? What’s wrong with that?”

“Is there a market for buffalo?”

“Carson says it’s bigger than you think. The meat, leather, the whole animal can be used for something,” explained Jamie.

“Huh,” said Rachel. “I never realized.”

Jamie’s expression turned dark. “Why can’t you be happy for Carson? Why do you always rain on our parade?”

The sudden change in tone caught Rachel off guard. “You gotta admit, it’s a lot to take in. I just never saw Carson as the outdoor type. I mean, he practically lives in his room. It’s a lot to wrap your brain around, you know?”

“Not everyone can get their Master’s degree from Cal Tech like your Silas,” accused Jamie.

“I know,” whispered Rachel.

“Some of us have to step out of the box and try something unnecessarily risky to be successful.”

“I guess.”

“So what if my Carson wants to be highly unorthodox? There isn’t a limitation on support. You can be happy with both boys,” argued Jamie. Her face was flushed.

“You’re right,” admitted Rachel.

“Then be happy for me. My idiot son is about to squander our inheritance and go into ridiculous debt so he can be a buffalo pimp. God help us all,” shouted Jamie, Tears began to flow.

Rachel blinked. She started to understand. “You wanna get a drink?” she asked.

Jamie grabbed a tissue and blew her nose. “Several.”


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