The Difference Between Childhood and Adulthood

Atlantic Storm 20160113

Ten minutes before the alarm went off, Roxie heard her children squealing downstairs. She groaned, rolled over and poked her husband Steven.

“Go see what’s wrong,” she said.

“Why do I have to go?” mumbled Steven.

“All the hours of labour I went through for you, you can do this for me,” replied Roxie.

Steven grumbled as he threw back the covers. “It’s not like you were in labour with me.”

“It’s your fault I was in that position,” said Roxie as she curled up in the comforter.

“If I remember right, you were there too,” said Steven as he slipped out the door.

He discovered the kids jumping on the couch by the living room window.

“It snowed! It snowed!” sang Aurora.

“Maybe they’ll cancel school. Do you think they’ll cancel school, daddy?” asked Shaun.

Steven pulled back the curtains and peered outside “Aw,” he groaned when he discovered a fifteen centimeter layer of snow blanketing the world.

“What is it?” came Roxie’s voice from the bedroom.

“Look outside,” called Steven.

“Aw,” grumbled Roxie.

Aurora ran upstairs and jumped on her mom’s bed. Her little brother Shaun was close behind.

“Isn’t it wonderful?” asked Aurora.

“Do you think they’ll cancel school?” asked Shaun.

Steven followed the children and sat on the bed next to Roxie. They shared an exasperated glance.

“How much is it?” asked Roxie.

“Enough to shovel,” said Steven.

“Can we build a snowman?” asked Aurora.

“We’ll have all day ‘cause school is canceled,” announced Shaun.

“School is not canceled,” said Roxie. “Go and get dressed.”

Roxie ushered the kids to their rooms. “Breakfast will be ready in a minute,” she said before closing her door. Steven was dressing in warm clothes for shoveling snow.

“The roads are gonna be chaos,” said Steven.

“I know,” Roxie sighed.

Steven pulled on a pair of sweat pants. “I hate this time of year.”

“Me too,” said Roxie. “But there is one good thing about it.”

“Really? What’s that?” asked Steven.

“At least this will get the kids off the PS4 for a little while.”

An evil grin spread across Steven’s face. “That means we get to play it.”

Roxie laughed. “I know.”


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