Scream of angry rebel man

“Did you hear what the government’s going to do?” said Brigitte. Her faced was flushed. She was surrounded by a group of hyperactive protesters.

“What?” asked Amber.

“They’re gonna dump a billion dollars into a new arena complex,” said Brigitte.

“No!” spouted Amber.

“I know, right? It’s a waste of taxpayer dollars. Think of all the other things it could go toward,” explained Brigitte.

“Somebody should do something,” added Amber.

“We’re going down to city hall to protest. Wanna come with us?”

“I’m good, thanks,” said Amber with a shrug.

Brigitte’s jaw dropped. The crowd was growing restless. “You just said we should do something.”

“I was just expressing my foutrage,” said Amber

“Don’t you mean ‘outrage’?”

“No, I mean foutrage. Faux outrage. Get it?”

“Not really,” said Brigitte.

“Like the world needs more protesters. You can’t be that angry all the time,” said Amber.

“I’m not always angry,” said Brigitte, defensively.

“Last week it was a protest over the overfishing of Belgian mackerel. Last month it was urban light pollution. Didn’t you once protest the excessive use of emergency services?” said Amber.

Brigitte’s lower lip curled. “Their sirens and flashing lights frighten urban wildlife.”

Amber put her hand on Brigitte’s shoulder. “Face it. You’re a professional whiner. As far as I’m concerned, you’re one of the reasons society is such a mess. Seriously, don’t you think it’s time to grow up a little?”

Brigette pushed Amber’s arm away. “You have no right to say that. How dare you and your micro-aggressions! Thanks for giving me something to be angry about!”

Before Amber turned to leave, she smiled. “As long as you have a valid reason.”


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