Human Genome Project



“So he started his key note address with, ‘without further ado’. Can you imagine? Everyone at the banquet was completely befuddled,” said Gerald. He slipped on a Tyvek suit.

“I can’t believe you used the word befuddled,” replied Angus as he zipped up.

The two scientists at the Human Genome Project entered the lab and settled at their work stations.

“I love it in here,” said Angus.

‘It’s the best job in the world. We’re laying the foundation for a perfect humanity. It’s mind boggling,” said Gerald.

Angus stopped what he was doing and looked at Gerald. “I thought we were isolating genetic anomalies for the purpose of establishing therapies.”

“I know that’s what you’ve been doing, but this is bigger than that. Our current genome is irreparable. It can be improved, sure, but mutations and decay are flies in the ointment. The entire batch is ruined.”

“Are you saying I’m wasting my time?”

Gerald held up his hands in defence. “No. Your work matters in the short term. I’m focusing on the big picture.”

“Which is?”

“A new humanity built on a perfect genome, free from flaw and defect,” explained Gerald.

Angus raised an eyebrow. “Sounds like you’re playing God.”

Gerald laughed. “Are you kidding? Of course we are. We’re scientists. God is dead, so we’re filling the void.”

“I’ve never thought of myself that way,” mumbled Angus.

“It’s not my fault you lack vision. Don’t worry, you can have a place in my new world. Oh wait, you’re flawed too, so I guess you don’t,” joked Gerald.

“Are you listening to yourself? You sound crazy.”

“The cutting edge of science always seems that way to mediocre minds. No offence,” said Gerald.

Angus rolled his eyes. “None taken. Besides, what you’re suggesting is years away.”

“Don’t be so sure. I’m very close.”



“Who else knows? You’ll need to be peer reviewed,” said Angus.

“I reveal nothing until I’m ready. My security is virtually foolproof,” bragged Gerald.

“Good to know,” said Angus. He casually walked over to Gerald and stuck him with a syringe.

“What was that?” demanded Gerald.

“A lethal dose of warfarin,” explained Angus.

“Why?” choked Gerald before falling to the floor.

Angus towered over him. “Because we of the Fallen race aren’t ready to step aside for your utopia.”


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4 Responses to Human Genome Project

  1. Pat says:

    Goodness sakes, this sounds a little brutal. Thank goodness I don’t know anyone quite that crazy. LOL

  2. cat9984 says:

    A solution the Morlocks would have loved. 🙂

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