February Resolutions


Cal and Alicia stood in the checkout line at the drug store with a cart full of items.

“Hold on, let me get this straight. You didn’t start your new year’s resolutions until February?” asked Cal.

“Exactly. That takes the pressure off January and it gives me a better chance to succeed,” replied Alicia.

“How do you figure that?”

“In the first week of the new year everybody’s all stressed out about the changes they want to make in their lives. Not me,” announced Alicia.

“You still put pressure on yourself,” said Cal.

“Yes, but it’s a good pressure. Like this year for instance. I’m using Valentine’s Day as the impetus to be a more patient person. You can’t show love without patience,” explained Alicia.

Just then a man joined the line behind them with only three items.

“What this,” Alicia whispered to Cal. “Excuse me, I noticed you only have a couple of items. Would you like to go ahead of us?”

The question startled the man. “Oh, thanks,” he mumbled.

Alicia beamed. “See what I mean?”

The cashier scanned the three items and placed them in a plastic bag. “That’ll be twenty-one dollars and fifty-six cents.”

The man pulled out a bag of loose change. “I think I’ve got that in nickels. Hope you don’t mind.” The change crashed all over the counter, spilling all over the floor.

Alicia watched in horror as the scene unfolded.

Cal wore an unsympathetic smirk. “How that resolution workin’ out for ya?”

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4 Responses to February Resolutions

  1. Anthony Trudgian says:

    I’d have paid the bill for him!

  2. Pat says:

    Have witnessed something very similar. Made me smirk, I wasn’t in line. Lol

  3. vanyieck says:

    It’s especially funny when you’re not the one in line.

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